Starbellied Orbweaver

So, this beauty of a spider, was a new one for me. With some help from BugGuide it was identified as Acanthepeira stellata, Starbellied Orbweaver. As I approached, it moved from it’s original spot, to […]

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New Find – Mummy Wasp

Ok, so I had to have some help identifying this, through BugGuide. I’m not sure what kind of caterpillar this originally was, but at this stage, it has been “mummified” by a parasitic wasp. It […]

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“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.” ― Jo Walton

Driving  home from work on January 28, 2016, I saw the most amazing sunset.  It looked like the entire sky was painted.  Along this favorite stretch of road, the trees appeared to be dancing to […]

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A Magical Moment

You know those times where you think a particular event is happening just for you, because it’s trying to tell you some deep hidden secret, or that it’s holding some deep truth for you to […]

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  January 8, 2015 I was running late and didn’t warm my car up before work on Friday morning. Grumbling, annoyed and cold, I got into the car, turned it on and started warming it […]

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New Year, New Beginnings, New Discoveries

 The Red Milkweed Beetle. This is one of the very first pics I snapped with my first camera, a point and shoot camera. This also marked the beginning of my love for the small world, […]

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